Hello, my name is Kate Swarm and I am a yoga teacher, wellness consultant and event producer from Phoenix, AZ.  I have a passion for creating unique and fully immersive experiences. It is my greatest gift to hold a sacred space of transcendence while guiding my students to a place of union between mind, body and soul.     

Over the last 5 years my excitement and devotion to exploring how environment, sensory input, and intention effects a shift in consciousness, has allowed me to work beside some of the most gifted artists, musicians and creatives in the wellness movement. I have taught at numerous yoga and music festivals throughout the nation, blurring the lines between yoga, movement, meditation, visual engineering, and sound immersion.

Although I spend a significant amount of time curating external environmental elements, I am even more detail oriented when it comes to exploring my student's internal environment of the “self”. I like to believe I have a warm, peaceful, and grounding presence that gently guides my students to a peak state of integrated body awareness, intelligent and thoughtful movement, and self-realization.


Besides holding a sacred space of mind-blowing-multidimensional-blissed-out-radical-transformation I am a mom and a wife, who loves to dance, laugh, and never takes life too seriously.

I started on my yoga journey after suffering through an extremely difficult loss. Yoga was what helped me find love, peace, contentment and purpose for my life, it is my greatest joy to give that gift back to the world.    

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