Credit: Evolve Fit Wear

Credit: Allan Henry

Credit: Mckay Jaffe

Credit: Steven Anthony

Credit: Sean Shelton

I started taking pictures of my yoga practice winter of 2013. I began by taking simple progress pictures, and joining Instagram challenges.

I quickly became hooked. Creating images using yoga asana combines many of my passions: Yoga, photography, fashion, art, styling, and movement.

Capturing these moments has now become a daily source of creativity and expression. Choosing to give myself the opportunity to create, explore, and express through this medium has been incredibly empowering. I am so thankful to have found an artistic outlet that resonates so deeply with me.

Afters years of taking my own photographs I am now priviledged to work some of the most gifted photographers in the field. 

Find me @kateswarm on Instagram, for more pics and daily inspiration.

Capturing the Moment.