Kate Swarm is a fantastic yoga instructor! She gives the kind of class where you sink in, open up, release tension both physically and mentally and also awaken your muscles, strength and flexibility. It is awesome to find a teacher to guide you through all the benefits yoga has to offer, and Kate is one of those teachers. After her class I feel both invigorated and relaxed. This feeling carries through into the next few days, motivating me to keep up and expand my practice.

                                                    -Kristen Blansfield

Having Kate as a teacher has really expanded my experience of yoga. In each class she seems to perfectly combine mental and physical aspects of yoga, from the thought-provoking insights or themes she brings in her words at the start of each class to the flows she puts together to the guidance she provides in form when doing poses. I notice that she really pays attention to the different needs of ...each student, and has always been incredibly willing to provide guidance, even after class. What I love the most is that her excitement for yoga really spreads to the class, and it cultivates a learning and explorative environment that has really been a nurturing thing to my life. I highly recommend attending any of her class offerings for a truly inspired experience.

                                                       -Carissa Lane, Student

I found Kate Swarm through her wildly popular Instagram account ~ curating interesting, unique and gorgeous yoga pics. I was instantly drawn to her when I read her story and saw, so clearly, the changes that yoga had made in her life.

Kate’s offerings through art and photography are mesmerizing, captivating, and inspiring. She’s an incredibly creative, imaginative and playful mama and yoga teacher and her interview has been my most favourite to date! She’s deeply soulful and reflective and I am so, so thrilled to have connected with her.

                                                -Shannon MacLaggen ,Yoga Teacher & Studio 

                                        Owner, Holistic Life and Parenting Coach, blogger.

Studying yoga requires more than just showing up to class. Having a teacher who guides, inspires, and challenges me is essential to growing in my practice. Kate is a true yoga mentor.     

                                              -Ariel Ferguson, Student